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Becoming an elite quarterback begins with a dream.  The desire to learn. The sacrifice to train. The willingness to lead.  Brady Performance offers group and individual training for youth and high school quarterbacks wanting to realize their dreams. In addition to on-field training and development we offer in-person and online film sessions. Our expertise is in helping athletes take advantage of their talents and work with their support team – parents and coaches, to make them future leaders in life. 

Brady Performance offers 15+ years of proven professional quarterback training and development concepts for football players of all ages.  Take it to the next level.


QB Movement & Mechanics

How to throw a football
  • Learn professional movement strategies for QB stability and explosiveness
  • Arm and Body Mechanics for better throwing power and passing accuracy
  • Teach proper base and setup
  • Pocket movement techniques
  • Analyzing and diagnosing each QB’s throwing motion
  • Playing with a “strong” lower body to generate velocity
  • Reorganizing your base and footwork
  • Learning our system to become more accurate passers
  • Learning how to move within the structure of the pocket

QB Reads & Recognition

San Diego QB Training
  • Accelerate QB Decision-Making in a unique and proven system
  • Learn Defensive Intent and how to attack defenses
  • Gain invaluable insight on how to know when a receiver is Open
  • Playing against free blitzes
  • Evading blitzes
  • Identifying defense weaknesses
  • Small pocket conflict
  • Layering over zone defenders (flat, hook to curl, alley, and more)
  • Putting it all together-applying training to game situations
  • Throwing with touch over man-to-man defenders
  • Learn how to throw on the run
  • Pressure VS danger within the pocket
  • Handling chaos and danger on the football field

BRADY 360 degree philosophy

Doug Brady | Elite Quarterback Training
  • Key insights into QB Training and Development
  • 15+ years of QB insight for QB/Parent/Coach relationship to improve
  • Handling high pressure situations on and off the field
  • Navigating academic challenges
  • Understanding the recruiting process
  • Learn the Keys to play QB at the Next Level
  • Building QB Self-Confidence
  • Providing Parent/Coach/QB Communication clarity and focus


Brady Performance Quarterback Training

Private lessons: Monday through Saturday.
Group workouts: Contact Us

  • Times Vary  – Please contact us for times and availability

Pricing: Custom pricing for training packages and professional services.

Why Brady Performance is the Best Quarterback program in San Diego, CA.

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“He is one of the best young coaches I have worked with over my career.”

Shawn Watson

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“Coach Brady knows how to enhance the football IQ of a quarterback on all levels and I highly recommend his services.”

Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

elite training for football quarterbacks

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